The amount you paid will be refunded within approximately 5 working days depending on your bank. In any event where the orders are cancelled before the funds are patched through to us, the bank will hold off the due amount in a pending state, which will later be given back to you, but instead of being shown as a refund, it will be treated as if the original charge has disappeared.
The chefs try to deliver each and every order within the estimated delivery time. However, due to factors such as busy schedules and excessive orders, some inconveniences can sometimes occur. You can use the phone number provided to communicate with the person handling your orders and for any queries. In case that does not solve the problem, you can contact us and we will try to find a solution to the matter at the earliest possible.
If you are sure that you have been sent the right order after surveying through your order details, please feel free to contact the provider and inform them about it. You can also write your thoughts in the form of a review.
If your order has been misplaced, you are advised to quickly let the restaurant know so that they can try to solve this issue, you can also contact us and we will handle this mismanagement ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding matters which are not listed above and need a hand, please do contact us via email or call us directly, and we will try to get to your matters as quickly as possible.