Tiffin2u helps cooks find fulfilling work.

We want to help you find, get and succeed at your dream job.

Love the smell of the Italian mama’s home cooking, wafting down the street and wish she’d ask you in for a bite to eat?

Well, imagine having your very own Italian or even Chinese, Indian or Greek mama on call, enabling you to order the kind of delicious, healthy home cooked food you want, right to your door, anytime!

Tiffin2U is making that a reality.

We’ll connect you with international chefs or dedicated home cooks with the touch of a button.

With a particular focus on those running home cooking businesses, especially immigrants and refugees, Tiffin2U will not only deliver authentic, mouth-watering cuisine from any country’s menu to you, we aim to help newly arrived immigrants feel right at home. With your smartphone or home computer, Tiffin2U is simple to use and at your fingertips. The term ‘Tiffin’ originated in India - used initially by the British to refer to meals eaten between breakfast and dinner. A bit like a ‘snack!’ This has given rise to a cultural tradition whereby millions of home cooked meals are eaten and delivered by Indians each day. Tiffin2U – your favourite food on tap, anytime, anywhere.


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